Dr. Johanne Louis Foundation

Serving the under served

JLF Educational Initiative in Haiti

JLF is currently sponsoring 30 students in Haiti at Institution Les Jeanty de Yenne in Tabarre, who couldn’t afford to go to school. JLF pays for education including school supplies and uniforms. We also started a food program for the entire school to feed 85 students

Love & Care
Operation CONNECT

In collaboration with Penn researchers, we are studying the effect of Operation CONNECT on reducing social isolation in seniors.

JLF Community Outreach/JLF CLOSET

The Dr. Johanne Louis Foundation (JLF), Community Outreach/JLF Closet, provides health screenings and education, food, clothing, shoes, toiletries, back to school items to the underserved, low-income, and homeless individuals, including our Veterans.  The JLF Closet is also mobile and serves the underserved in the USA and in Haiti.

On May 18th, 2023 the Dr. Johanne Louis Foundation was recognized by Mayor Kenney and the city of Philadelphia for the work we are doing in the city.

How to get involved

The Dr. Johanne Louis Foundation (JLF), is a nonprofit organization here to serve the underserved through programs that improve quality of life through health promotion, hunger relief, community outreach to underserved, low income individuals, the homeless and our Veterans.